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I have a new exhibit at the Orinda Library Gallery in Orinda, CA The theme is nature. Not in the general sense. It is about the nature of people, places, animals, and black and white. The exhibit will be there for the month of October 2022. Please stop by if you have the opportunity. The web pictures are in the folder Lamorinda Art Council show. While I enjoy photographing in the wild, there are sometimes you can’t get away. Sometimes, the wild seems to be right around us. You just have too keep an eye out for the unusual, funny, or at least interesting. You never have to stray too far from home to find an interesting subject. However, some of the pictures in my exhibit are from what I consider Orinda’s sister city, Olinda in Brazil. That is not exactly in my neighborhood. The reason for being in Brazil is a story in itself. I was on the pier in LA and saw a young couple all dressed up. The young man saw I was taking pictures and came over to me. I thought I may have invaded their privacy, but he said he needed a photographer. He had hired an airplane to fly over carrying a banner saying will you marry me in Portuguese, but forgot to arrange for a photographer. I took pictures and sent them to him the next day. They were leaving for Brazil. I made a slide show for him setting it to the music of Rihanna. They invited us to the wedding in Olinda, Brazil, which coincided with Carnival week, so we had to go. They used my slide show for their first dance. It just proves that being in the right place at the right time, is a big part of photography. Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments at jsbphotos@yahoo.com © John S. Brown